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Spiritual Awareness Program

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Spiritual Awareness Program

We know that the one whom we have accepted as God, that God also had a spiritual teacher.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons that he could become a god.

Spirituality has been given a high status in Indian culture and we are 100% sure that spirituality has proved to be a boon for humanity and will continue to be so. That's why now it becomes necessary that in the last 100 years, we could not explain Indian spirituality to the coming generation or we can say that we ourselves could not understand spirituality very well and its loss is that today we are very much concerned about spirituality. Got away We know some half incomplete spirituality. Spirituality can prove to be a boon for humanity, so why not join the Spirituality Awareness Program because spirituality is an essential path for mankind. Because those whom we worship, whom we consider as Gods also had spiritual teachers and we Indians cannot deny this. Spirituality is a manual to run the human race, just as no machinery can work without a manual, in the same way, without spirituality, the human race will not be able to run itself positively. As we are clearly seeing. This is the reason why mental diseases are increasing. It will be very difficult for humanity to survive without spirituality. That is, spirituality is like a manual for mankind.

Without this the positive level of mankind will go on falling.

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