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Relationships Awareness Program

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Relationships Awareness Program

After all, why are relationships formed and then after some time they also get spoiled. Are relationships a necessity or are relationships formed because of necessity? After all, why there is a need to build relationships outside the family or it can be said that knowingly or unknowingly we make relationships. If you understand the relationship then we can cooperate but there are some conditions. For example, through images, through symbols, through conceptual concepts, we will not be able to tell about relationships.

Only when we understand the true connection between each other is love possible, and love is denied when we have images. So it is important to understand, not intellectually but in your daily life, how you have created images about your wife, your husband, your neighbor, your child, your country, your leaders, your politicians, your gods. Not inspired by all that, but with total clarity.

The Relationship Awareness Program is a self-earning model for effectively and accurately understanding and anticipating the motive behind behavior. The Relationship Awareness program provides organizations and family members, married couples and premarital relationships with the awareness and skills needed to build more effective personal and professional relationships.

It helps them maintain those relationships through understanding the underlying motivational value systems of self and others under two conditions such as when things are going well or during conflict.


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