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Pre-marital Counseling

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Pre-marital Counseling

What is Pre-Marital/Marriage counseling program, when continuous marriages are breaking then it becomes necessary that in order to make marriage successful, couples who believe in marriage can be a part of this program before getting married and prepare themselves for a more successful marriage. Let's prepare for.

In the experience of last 40 years we have found, how Indian human psychology has been affected. The negative consequences of which are in front of all Indians. Our psychological counseling is based on Indian human psychology. Which can be positively effective on Indian children, adolescents, adults, old people and married Couples.

Our premarital counseling programs come in a variety of styles and formats, designed based on the couple's preferences as well as their own personality and family and religious background.

Some common topics are as follows:

  • Talk about Religious
  • Talk about chores
  • Talk about children
  • Have the money talk
  • Examine your communication styles
  • The role of religion in your marriage
  • The role of sex in your marriage
  • In-laws and their involvement 

The specialty of this program is that it helps the couple to improve their communication skills. Most couples find premarital counseling very helpful, and it sets a positive attitude about seeking help should future marriage problems arise in their relationship. 

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