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Post-separation Or Divorce Parenting Program

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Post-separation Or Divorce Parenting Program

These programs are designed to assist elders or parents and are usually provided as a series of small group lectures and discussions. Along with this, family psychological guidance is also a part of it.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Develops and teaches positive strategies for resolving conflict with both parties involved and practical methods for helping a spouse or children who are separated. A parenting order program is a type of post-separation parenting program designed to assist in putting court orders into practical effect, including for parties who are having difficulty complying with the orders . Parenting order programs may include a combination of family counseling, conflict resolution, and group lectures and discussions. Designed for continuity in parenting skills and resources.

In this program anyone having problem in marriage or court dispute is going on or ordered by court can participate or refer to: 

Family counseling 

Family therapy




What are the Benefits of This program :                                                                                                                                                                                                      

This program provides you with an opportunity to improve your relationship with the other party/parties and to reach an agreement about legal and co-parenting issues that are important to you. This allows you to make your own decisions and, because all parties are involved in reaching a solution, it increases the likelihood that the agreement will hold in the future and reduces conflict for you and your children. You can also learn more effective ways of communicating with the other party/parties which can help you resolve future disputes. This program is a more economical, timely and less stressful means of resolving disputes than a court process or trial.

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