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Mental Development program

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Mental Development program

Mental development is an important aspect for any human organism, encompassing various mental needs and abilities. The mental development of a human being starts from birth and as the child develops, his mental reactions also keep changing. Because the mental development of any child is influenced by his external environment. Favorable or adverse circumstances also have different effects on most children. These influences or reactions are very simple in the beginning, but later they can give rise to complex mental activities.

Mental development includes abilities such as attending, perceiving, observing, remembering, imagining, thinking, solving problems, and intelligence as well as language development. Along with this, how to deal with favorable and adverse situations is also important in the programme.
These abilities change, grow and mature with age.
Rates of mental change vary with age and particular experiences.
People of all ages should participate in mental development programs. This is not limited to children only.

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