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Internship Program in Psychology

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Internship Program in Psychology

The nation needs psychologists who understand Indian psychology and don't rely only on Western concepts.

Internships are an integral part of the curriculum of a psychology student because theoretical knowledge is not sufficient enough to ensure effective application when dealing with people in real life.

The purpose of our internship program is to provide an opportunity of learning through supervised practical knowledge by experienced professionals and psychologists for students and freshers. Our internship program is specially curated for individuals who are passionate about helping others to improve lives at individual and societal level which can bring a healthy impact on the mental health status of India.

The program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and competencies through an immersive experience which will prepare you to take on real-life cases under expert supervision. Our internship program offers a transformative journey through hands-on experience, professional guidance, and a focus on emotional intelligence, 

participants will be equipped with the tools and skills to become effective and compassionate psychologists. 

"The vision is to together make a difference in the lives of those in need, one step at a time."

Program Structure: 

The internship program, divided into different phases to cover each objective effectively.

1. Orientation and Training: Introduce interns to the program's structure, expectations, and code of ethics. Provide foundational training in counselling skills, active listening, and therapeutic techniques. 

2. Emotional Intelligence Development: To improve understanding of self and developing emotional quotient. 

3. Case Discussions and Topic Sessions: Engage in weekly case discussions and topic sessions which facilitate a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts and their application in therapeutic practice. 

4. Interview/Case History Taking Practice: Interns will pair up to practice conducting interviews and case history assessments. 

5. Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning: Interns will work individually or in small groups to conceptualize cases and treatment plans for hypothetical and real cases. 

6. Guest lectures and Workshops: Conducted by experienced professionals to learn from their experience and knowledge. 

7. Community awareness and volunteer work: Spreading awareness about mental health concerns and dysfunctional practices on individual, relational and societal level is an integral part of the program. 

8. Pro Bono Counseling and Therapy: Interns will begin providing pro bono counselling and therapy under supervision to gain experiential understanding. 

9. Supervision and Feedback: Regular individual and group supervision sessions will provide a safe space for interns to discuss their experiences, seek guidance, and receive constructive feedback.

Note: The program's curriculum and structure is designed keeping in mind the academic commitments of students. 

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