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Forgiveness Therapy

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Forgiveness Therapy

Forgiveness is an act which is done for self. It shouldn't be done to only avoid conflicts and restore peace as soon as possible.

Forgiveness Therapy focuses on helping individuals to heal and forgive so that one can move forward in life. When one is wronged by a close loved one then it's natural to feel hurt but the pain and suffering caused by someone gradually builds up into anger and resentment towards that person. It becomes difficult to trust and that the distrust starts impacting other relationships and other areas in life. This therapy aims to promote forgiveness as a means of healing emotional wounds caused in interpersonal conflicts, trauma, and achieving personal growth. Forgiveness Therapy helps to overcome childhood trauma, infidelity in romantic/marital relationships or betrayal in any other relation.

Forgiveness becomes more difficult when there's an ongoing relationship with the wrongdoer but it's possible to overcome when forgiveness is practiced and the trust is rebuilt. 

Forgiveness is especially important even when the relationship with the wrongdoer is restricted or ended. After the relation has ended or a boundary is created with the wrongdoer it might feel like healing has happened but the hidden and disguised psychological impacts of the wrongdoing is remains behind and can impact the further life. Therefore, forgiveness therapy helps to overcome the hurt, pain and suffering that's left behind.

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