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Feminist Therapy

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Feminist Therapy

Feminist therapy can prove to be a special therapy for India from a psychological point of view. It is an integrative approach that focuses on women who are affected by prejudice, stereotypes, harassment, discrimination and other factors that result in mental stress, and how those stress negatively affect their mental health. We do. This therapy promotes women empowerment which can make India accessible. 

It works on the therapist relationship between therapist and sufferer based on equality, and their ability to build an authentic relationship. It helps the sufferer understand the social factors that can positively contribute to and change their mental-health concerns. This therapy can discover and claim, and uncover and build upon, their unique identity.

To take forward the life of yourself and others, you provide a way and a new direction to do something new at your personal level. Feminist therapy can include married couples, families, and people of all ages—and any gender—who seek help in exploring their emotional lives and relationships or the gender roles of their loved ones.

This therapy can also include anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or gender variant.

People in poverty, immigrants, refugees, and people with disabilities can all benefit from feminist therapy. 

In this medical system we have tried to address the Indian culture specially. Also we have focused the problems of the country whose solution is essential and necessary from the psychological point of view, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest to name a few. , eating disorders, body image, disability-related concerns, anxiety, relationship challenges, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and other personality disorders or bad habits.

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