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Emotionally Focused Therapy

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Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a form of short-term therapy that aims to improve family or couple relationships by rekindling the physical and emotional bond that one partner may have succumbed to, such as frustration and alienation. There is a common dynamic in distressed couples. This therapy can prove to be a boon for the adolescent.

Emotional bonding restoration enables partners to be physically and psychologically open and responsive to each other so that they can build a mutually helpful and satisfying relationship in the moment and for the future. 

This therapy is especially useful when couples approach counseling in emotional distress or feel so isolated that they may believe the relationship is irreparable and feel lonely.

They may display intense anger, fear, grief, loss of trust, or feelings of betrayal in their relationship. Such strong negative feelings are thought to be an expression of protest and despair over the loss of connection and the resulting feelings of physical and emotional abandonment. It is also believed that they harbor feelings of fear, helplessness and unlovability, which result in the breaking of bonds.

It is also useful for couples and individuals who have difficulty expressing feelings or who believe that doing so is a sign of weakness. At the other extreme, EFT is helpful for people who have trouble controlling emotions; Their intense reactivity is believed to result from emotional alarm triggered by fear of abandonment. In individual therapy, the therapist forms a secure alliance with the patient that becomes a safe haven for emotional exploration and expression.

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