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Divorce Mediation For Indians

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Divorce Mediation For Indians

Peaceful and Respectful Divorce
Mr. Rawat's mediation education and experience particularly specializes in divorce mediation services. We are proud to be one of the few practices to do so in India. Our sole focus on divorce mediation issues helps us better serve our clients, and they feel comfortable relying on our extensive knowledge and experience in this particular area.

We help couples navigate through the complex separation and divorce process to come to agreement on parenting and/or financial issues in a peaceful and caring manner.
We break down an overwhelming experience into smaller, more manageable steps. Mr. Rawat provides his clients with a better and more respectful solution – more affordable and much faster – than stressful divorce and litigation.
In our specialized divorce mediation practice, we help our clients make important life decisions for their future.

Our Mediation Services:
Divorce mediation
Mediation after divorce
Separation arbitration
Mediation of prenuptial agreement
Divorce mediation by Mutual Consent

Once a couple signs a marital settlement agreement, we can file for an “uncontested divorce” on a reduced flat-rate basis in state family court, if both spouses agree.
Our mediators:
Mr. Rawat has over 20 Years of experience as a Psychologist Counselor and Lawyer and 18+ years of experience as a divorce mediator.
He works as a psychological counselor and divorce mediator and despite being a lawyer, focuses on restoring the status of divorce. 

In his field of work, he has saved the marriage of countless couples from breaking up or found solutions for their divorce with mutual consent and in a peaceful manner. He is the founder and secretary of the edishaa foundation sansthan.

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