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Child Development Program

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Child Development Program

In the experience of the last 40 years we have found, how Indian human psychology has been affected. The negative consequences of which are in front of all Indians. Our psychological counseling is based on Indian human psychology. Which can be positively effective on Indian children, adolescents, adults, old people and married couples.

Psychological research states that the basis of personality is formed during the childhood years especially from birth to 8 years. The following kinds of developments take place during the childhood years: Language, Thought, Speech, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Motor. The environment during childhood and the interactions a child receives from their parents and close family members is responsible for their behavior. The father and mother play a more important role than other family members.

According to researchers, “Childhood Emotional Neglect” affects the development of a child more than other abuse. Childhood neglect by parents is the leading cause of psychological disorders during teenage and adulthood. Often when adults are occupied in their personal problems the development of the child gets affected.

The possibilities of influencing and changing the behavior of a child is maximum during childhood years which will slowly fade away as the child grows older.                                        

All thought and behavioral patterns are learnt, therefore they can be unlearnt. Some common behavioral issues during childhood are as follows:

Irritable or low mood 

Anger tantrums 

Excessive crying 

Bed wetting

Refusing to play with other children 

Wanting to stay alone 

Not sharing toys or personal belongings 

Hitting, throwing things or using foul language 

Lack of obedience 

Inability to follow rules 


Day dreaming 

Poor academic performance

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