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Build Better Your Sexual Relationship Program

Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. Only then can any sexual activity be successful. Intimate relationships are often portrayed from a perspective of mutual trust, caring, and acceptance. But unfortunately or knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to view intimacy only from the point of view of sexuality.

Part of our sexuality can include intimacy such as the ability to love, trust, and care for others in sexual and other types of relationships. We learn about intimacy from the relationships around us, especially within our families.

We can have sexual activities with others with varying degrees of intimacy. We can have sex with an intimate partner, a casual partner, an anonymous partner, a friend, etc.

Often intimacy with others involves taking emotional risks where people can share personal details and stories. Emotional intimacy does not automatically arise with sexual intimacy, as those who are sexually involved may not choose to share their innermost thoughts and feelings or the sexual relationship may be one where there is not a high level of emotional intimacy. it occurs. 

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