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Attachment-based therapy

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Attachment-based therapy

Attachment-based therapy is a brief, process-oriented form of psychological guidance based on naturalistic principles. This program is based on developing or rebuilding trust in the victim-therapist relationship and focuses on expressing feelings. An attachment-based approach to this therapy looks at the relationship between a child's early attachment experiences with primary caregivers, mostly with parents, and the child's ability to develop normally and eventually become an adult. As do healthy emotional and physical relationships. Which can prove to be helpful in preparing the golden future of the child.

Attachment-based therapy aims to build or rebuild a trusting, supportive relationship that will help prevent or treat mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Which provides positively for the people. Strong early attachment to at least one primary caregiver is essential so that children have a sense of security and the supportive base they need to interact independently with their environment. , to explore, to learn from new experiences, and to connect with others.

We put forth four different attachment styles in S: secure attachment, anxious attachment, avoidant attachment, and disorganized attachment.

Attachment-based psychological approaches can be used in individual, family relationships, couple and group therapy with both children and adults, to help victims recover from fractured family relationships. Attachment-based therapy may benefit from:

faster baby 

children in foster care

children of depressed parents 

children who have experienced abuse or trauma, especially at the hands of a caregiver 

teens who are depressed and/or suicidal

for teens 

Juveniles whose parents are not available

Some research has demonstrated the efficacy and benefits of attachment-based therapy, but the evidence base for it is not as strong as it is for other types of therapy.

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