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Adult Mental Health Awareness Program

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Adult Mental Health Awareness Program

In the experience of last 40 years we have found, how Indian human psychology has been affected. The negative consequences of which are in front of all Indians. Our psychological counseling is based on Indian human psychology. Which can be positively effective on Indian children, (Teenager) adolescents, adults, old people and married couples.

According to statistics, most suicidal deaths happen between the age of 18 to 45 years. In 2021, more than 1 lakh suicides were reported in India. As an individual steps into adulthood frictions start taking place in one, few or all important areas of their life and adulting is about trying to strike a balance between them.

There are 5 important areas of life which impact the mental wellbeing of a person. They are- Relationship with parents, romantic partner/spouse, children, academics/career and self(physical and mental health).

Distress in 1 out of the 5 areas of their life for a long time then it slowly starts affecting other areas of their lives. Some of the common stressors that are faced during adulthood are:

Relationship with parents 

Controlling/manipulative nature     

Emotional distance                               

Frequent disputes                     

Communication problem                             

Lack of understanding                   

Relationship with romantic partner/spouse 

Frequent disputes                                   

Inability of forgiving                           

Ineffective communication                         

Lack of understanding                               

Trust issues                           


Extramarital affair                                       

Guilt feeling                                                

Sexual dissatisfaction                           

Children Academics/career                         

Self (Physical and Mental health) 

Adaptation after chronic illness (Cardiac disorders, Cancer etc)                         

Addiction (Phone, Cigarette, Alcohol, Other drugs, Porn, Masturbation)             

Behavioral Issues (Anger, Impulse, Self harm, Procrastination etc)                     

Stress Anxiety Depression                       

Body image issues                                 

Feelings of inferiority                                   

Low self esteem Low confidence 

Poor Communication skills                                 

Poor Decision making                               

Other Psychological disorders

LATER ADULTHOOD (45 and above) 

Death of spouse                                 

Retirement Distance from children       

Regret and guilt feeling in life Dissatisfaction with life                       

Feelings of meaninglessness

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