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Family Conflict Resolution Program

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Family Conflict Resolution Program

In the experience of last 40 years we have found, how Indian human psychology has been affected. The negative consequences of which are in front of all Indians. Our psychological counseling is based on Indian human psychology. Which can be positively effective on Indian children, adolescents, adults, old people and married couples.

Personal issues

Bad habits of spouse 

Before marriage relationships 

Personalty issues 

Emotions Dealing 

Behavioral problems 

Interference of in-laws 

Trust issues 

Maintenance for Wife and Children 

Child Custody 

Extra Marital Affair 

Cheating with Partner 

Help for Young Adults 

Help with Separation and Divorce 

Talking to Children About Separation 

Family Mediation 

Help with Family Life and Parenting 

Help for Children and Young People 

Dealing with Distress 

Abusive or Unhealthy Behavior 

Re-Partnering & Blended 

Families Domestic Violence 

Contested Divorce, Mutual Divorce etc.


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