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Pawan Rawat


Pawan Rawat

  • Occupation: Lawyer and Psychologist counselor
  • Experience: 20+ Years
  • Core skills: Working with All Teenagers, Adults and 60 years Old age
  • location: Niman Nagar Jaipur


The Constitution was created to create order in the society and find solutions to the problems. For many years, the justice system has been shown to be successful as the only means. In today's changing environment, law and order alone is not sufficient for solutions.

"New problems require innovative solutions"
With the changes taking place in the society, it has been seen that the size and types of problems also changed. Understanding the root of the problems arising in relationships is essential to finding solutions. If the answer does not match the nature of the question then how can there be a solution? Is it right or wrong to expect a solution from the law and order system without understanding the problem and without trying to fix it? If you have inserted 99 keys from your side and hesitate to insert one more, then has your effort been completed?

Edishaa is an attempt to find the best solution by working on family problems through "psychological approach". Justice does not believe in breaking relationships using the legal system, but in finding solutions psychologically.
Our objective is to resolve any dispute peacefully and end the differences arising between the two parties. Our advice and psychological guidance can be a profitable deal for you. This will not only make your relationships and relations sweet again but will also save your time and money.

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