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May 04, 2024

Introduction Marital discord is an unfortunate reality for many couples with disagreements conflicts and ultimately fractured relationships However what often goes overlooked are the profound effects that marital discord can have on social and family relations beyond the immediate couple involved Social and family connections are the fabric of our support systems and communities Yet when marital discord strikes these connections can be shattered leaving lasting scars on individuals and communities alike Real Life Story...

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December 17, 2023

Relationships can be rewarding but also complex and at times we need support to deal with relationship difficulties You can seek informal support from friends and family or get help from professional organizations Working things outSometimes we are so caught up with difficult situations we don t recognize when we need help to deal with them By getting support from a professional service you can better understand what might be causing the relationship difficulties and...

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December 15, 2023

Sexual violence is being forced pressured or tricked into doing sexual things when you don t want toNo one has the right to make you do sexual things that you don t want to do even if you are married to them or in a relationship with themSexual violence can be a form of domestic and family violenceIf you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence you can contact US or through online chatWhat...

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December 14, 2023

Separation means the ending of an intimate partner relationship This includes the end of a marriage defacto relationship or other personal relationships It is often a difficult time and you may feel unsure about what to do next This section provides information and support for people whose relationship is ending It includes useful tips about how to look after yourself services to help and the basics about family law Services like counseling and family mediation...

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