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Sign of Marital Dysfunction

November 13, 2023 1821 comments

Marital dysfunction is seen differently in India than in other countries. Every couple in India, despite loving each other, behaves as if they do not love their spouse. The main reason for this in India is not expressing one's love. The two older generations in our country are almost unable to express their love and the other spouse does not understand love or rather does not have the ability to understand the feelings of his/her spouse, nor does our education system provide such education. There is some system by which we can understand our own and others' emotions. Apart from this, our external circumstances influence human psychology to some extent, due to which we do not remain in the same mental state all the time. 

However, some signs may also be:

Excessive & unfounded & prolonged mistrust from any spouse.

One feels emotionally isolated, controlled and manipulated.

Not spending quality time together.

A spouse who threatens divorce on a regular basis.

You always feel stressed out when it comes to your marriage.

Sexual infidelity.

Your thoughts and opinions are not validated, it undermines your


One or both partners refuse to seek professional help / counseling.

They're not the first person you call.

Forcing / coercing kids to take sides against other parent.

Breaking parental boundaries with kids and gradually coercing them into a surrogate spouse role.

Talking ill about and maligning the other spouse with other people for the sake of it, but not committed to resolving core issues.

Wife asking husband to reduce contact with her family members, or vice-versa demand by husband.

Not socializing or going on outings together or meeting mutual friends together. Refusing to host relatives at home.

One partner is forced by the other to live as if they were single.


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Sign of Marital Dysfunction

November 13, 2023

Marital dysfunction is seen differently in India than in other countries Every couple in India ...

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