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Is Temporary Separation a Good Way to Sort Out Marital Issues?

November 13, 2023 3 comments

Temporary separation can help to clear the air and soothe conflict, disappointment, or anger-related emotions in a marriage.

 It can be hard on an emotional and physical level to stay in a relationship where such sensations are persistent.

However, couples can gain perspective on their relationship and even strengthen it if a brief separation is handled properly, and done for the right reasons.

Options For Solving Marital Disputes

What choices do the victims of these disturbed marriages have? 

To leave or stay for the kids?

Temporary marital separation is one of the different alternatives for resolving marital difficulties.  

In fact, when compared to permanently ending disturbed marriages , temporary separation is a simpler process. 

However, having the courage to think about resolving the marital conflict and continuing the relationship takes a lot of guts.

Possible Temporary Separation.

Therefore, let's consider temporary separation as a possibility before you decide to divorce finally.

So what exactly is a temporary separation?

Temporary separation is a situation where conflicting partners decide to stay in separate locations. Not under the same roof.

These are couples who decide to temporarily separate from each other as a step towards resolving the marriage.

 Or if it fails to resolve then it leads to divorce.

 But through a temporary separation , at least a couple gives their relationship a fair chance of recovery before abruptly breaking it as a fatal choice.

This arrangement is done mainly with the objective to acquire fresh insight into their relationship.

Temporary separation implies that it will only last a short time. 

And it may or may not lead to the final breakdown of your relationship.

Why does it matter that we choose temporary separation, you might be asking. 

Absence Opens Up Opportunities For Change

Can a conflicted marriage survive a temporary separation? 

This question cannot have a predetermined response. 

Every couple and circumstance is different. A solution that functions for a couple might or might not function for another.

But experience tells us that in many cases temporary separation, for a measured duration, works very well.

It often speeds up the recovery process in a disturbed marriage.

The reason is that you cannot deny the universal truth that staying apart makes a person's heart grow fonder.

Re-Evaluating Your relationship

 There is a tendency for you to begin re-evaluating your life in relation to the other person when you are apart from them.

Furthermore, this mini-split up can help you discover who you are and the value you possess. 

This can help you in making the best choice for the marriage. 

Now that you are gone, the other person might begin appreciating what they have been missing.

Marriage's temporary separation period might just save your big day. 

Resolving marital dispute shouldn't be an impossibility if you make the most of your temporary separation to reflect on your mistakes.

Third Party Mediation (Professional Counsellor)

When is it OK to include a third party?

Once you move into temporary separation, chances are  you can  have trouble coping with the agony of your separation. 

You often start wondering whether your temporary separation is healthy for your marriage.

When a third person (like a professional counsellor) is involved, disputes and feuds can usually be resolved. Remember, a counsellor is someone with relevant knowledge who is impartial towards both sides.

They can also help you overcome the isolation created by separation, social stigma, and apprehensions of judgments by others.

The fact is that  couple involved in a conflict usually don’t  admit that they could have made a mistake.

In most such cases you get assistance from a third party (counsellor) in determining the precise origin of the conflict  in your marriage. 

They can  also be useful in solving the issue directly. 

The passage of time might also aid in determining what the situation's ultimate goal is. 

Partners choose what they expect from the separation.A short-term fix can make it easier for them to decide what's best for them.

Benefits Of A Temporary Separation 

If you still find yourself debating whether a temporary  separation can save a marriage or whether it is beneficial for a damaged relationship, weigh the advantages  listed below. 

These factors could make it easier for you to decide what course of action is best for you.

Advantages Of A Temporary Separation

  • It gives the couple the time and space to discuss their values for the marriage.
  • It aids in identifying hidden or unknown factors that could be the root of the issues.
  • Before returning, people who might be the source of the relationship's issues could focus on their own self-development.
  • Additionally, it provides an opportunity for open communication between couples about difficulties they have encountered.
  • Additionally, it aids the couple in remembering what makes a relationship successful.
  • It could mark the start of the journey towards improvement.


A temporary separation in a disturbed marriage is a duration of limited separation. 

It lasts for a temporary duration, and after the separation, there is a possibility the couple has a  chance of a better relationship. A third party intervention may be required however, to help cope with the temporary sepoaraion, as wella as in healing the marriage.

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Is Temporary Separation a Good Way to Sort Out Marital Issues?

November 13, 2023

Temporary separation can help to clear the air and soothe conflict disappointment or anger-related emotions ...

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