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About us

About Us

The mission of eDishaa started 18 years ago with the vision of saving and restoring relationships using a psychological approach to save humanity.

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, family problems and illnesses contribute as the leading causes of suicidal deaths. Recent research also states a direct connection between the quality of relationships and mental health of an individual. We believe in improving relationships using psychological approach rather than breaking relationships using legal approach. eDishaa as an organization focuses on both relational and psychological well-being.

Our team of experienced professionals work with children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. They provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for sharing and help in resolving conflicts, making decisions, improving relationships, managing emotions and developing emotional intelligence for the overall well-being of an individual.

We have dealt with thousands of cases and attempted to make their lives meaningful.

eDishaa is a Jaipur-based NGO with a commitment to saving families from breaking up due to marital discord.

We at eDishaa believe in the propagation of physical, mental and legal education by adopting a psychological approach. The prime objective is to stop the escalation of the conflict that leads to litigation between spouses, as also between relatives.

eDishaa lays a constant emphasis on ADR (alternate dispute resolution), which has repeatedly resulted in the peaceful resolution of relationship conflicts. In numerous cases suffering families have been stitched together once again.

The organization derives its values from the rich spiritual legacy of India, which emphasizes peace, charity, and harmony. The Bhagwad Gita serves as the institution's primary source of direction.

Mr Pawan Rawat, the NGO's founder, has been tirelessly promoting psychological counselling and its critical role in averting family disintegration since 2006. With his visionary dedication, eDishaa's objective is to raise understanding about psychological counselling, and relationship recovery at a pan-India level.

In view of this aim, it is the mission of EDishaa to bring family and relationship counselling benefits to at least 10 crore families at a national level, by 2028.

We are proud to say that eDishaa is renowned for and relentless in pursuing, harmonious relationships through empathy, understanding, and holistically balanced counsel.

Our NGO is working passionately with a growing network of psychologists and counsellors to accomplish this role in society. The purpose is to enhance awareness of the value of family, as also the importance of relationship counselling.

In India it is noteworthy that excessive cultural stigma prevents too many afflicted families from seeking help. And in this modern age, where excellent counselling based on scientific principles can remove misconceptions, this hesitation should not remain.We need to take a chance to transform our relationships.

Mr. Pawan Rawat, who has more than 16 years of experience in this domain, aims to dispel myths about psychological counselling that seem to contradict rigid traditional influences.

Besides this, EDishaa is also involved in a large spectrum of social issues, ranging from pre-marital counselling to marital health management, to protection and upliftment of widows and divorced women, to workplace harassment, to judicial activation, to legal guidance in family court, removal of social ills, and much more.

At a macro level, eDishaa is at the forefront of a massive wave of consciousness elevation in the country.

We urge you not to hesitate in seeking professional counselling if you, your family, or friends need support in saving a relationship.

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We are a group of professional and experienced psychologists, Counselors and Lawyers offering

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Our team are experienced psychologists and psychiatrists with long standing academic and careers in addition to private work.

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Our team are experienced psychologists and psychiatrists with long standing academic and careers in addition to private work.

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Our team are experienced psychologists and psychiatrists with long standing academic and careers in addition to private work.

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